Carnival established In 1969


The 3 classics series
SUPER Fine Wool Series
Pure wool is the healthiest choice when it comes to clothing material as the fiber diameter of wool under the microscope measures one-thousandth of a millimeter. Yarn fineness of premium pure wool is graded by “Super Value” - the higher the value, the finer the fiber, giving a better surface luster and a smoother feel. The SUPER series introduced by Carnival is made from the finest wool fibers, with each one measuring less than 16.25 microns in diameter, nearly 5 times thinner than a 75-micron human hair and giving the fabric unparalleled quality and texture.
COOL 3 Series
High-quality fabrics, smooth yarns, and classic craftsmanship are combined with lightweight construction techniques, making the suit soft yet firm and allowing breathability while at the same time offering comfort and a stylish three-dimensional look.
Lightweight Suit Series
Thanks to the use of worsted wools, the suits in this series are 20% lighter than our others. Made with a thin lining and shoulder pads, this half-lined design effortlessly dissipates heat while keeping the smooth firmness of a tailor-made suit. Its breathable and heat-dissipating properties are the best choice for office workers.

Brand Story
As Taiwan's leading brand for men's suits and career wear, Carnival prides itself inits remarkable tailors'-high-level craftsmanship. Since its establishment in 1969, Carnival has undergone 50 years of innovation and change. It has brought Taiwanese men abundant fashionideas and stylish looks, and has accompanied many gentlemen of all walks of life through important events - be it business, professional, or a touching private moment.
Carnival's logo depicts a threaded needle sewing a button - creating an elegant and smooth line in a single stroke. The sewing needle, thread and button represent Carnival's consistency in quality and high precision artistry – also a trademark of heritage that plays an important role of contribution on people’s knowledge towards fashion. 

Carnival's Services
Exclusive Consultation
From fabric selection, detail confirmation to design sign-off, your unique style is created based on body type, features, dressing habits, and daily needs.
Professional Tailoring
Our professional tailoring consultant measures your shoulder width, chest size, sleeve length, shirt length, waist, hip circumference, trouser length, and the drape that best suits your body shape.

Carnival Generation

Carnival Generation Founded in 2005


Brand Story
 My taste, my future.

Carnival Generation is the younger line of Carnival that aims to boost the younger generation's confidence and style when taking their first steps into the world of career wear choices. With styles designed to fit a new generation, Carnival Generation helps build confidence and taste in tailored suits, allowing teenage boys to mature and age into men, further enhancing the era of new gentlemen.

Carnival Generation 's core is “simplicity” with stylish features that present detailed design while boasting high quality and taste. The Carnival Generation range is made from carefully selected quality fabric at affordable prices. Through the tailoring process, your confidence is guaranteed to grow. Thanks to our outstanding craftsmanship and the comfortable three-dimensional tailoring techniques that have been passed down since Carnival's first classically tailored suit, a sense of quality and style will be yours alone.